Whether you’re wanting to create a dramatic effect with a beautiful centrepiece or just to make a welcoming wreath for the front door, at Best Buds Floral Design we have a few top tips that will make your floral decorating, fun and inspired this Christmas. Creating a gorgeous floral bouquet or wreath should not keep you up at night with worry. Instead it should be a simple and effortless process that brings that a warm, welcoming Christmas feeling into your home.

Create Christmas cheer with these simple floral decorating ideas

The best part about Christmas decorating is that there are no boundaries. You can choose to be as bold and over-the-top or as minimalist and simple as you want to be. Christmas is a chance to let your personal style and decorating flair shine. We’ve put together a few top tips to use that will enhance your individual taste, and hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

#1 – Choose a colour theme

Before beginning, we suggest deciding on a colour plan or colour theme. Do you want to create a clean, frosty look by using whites and creams? Or do you prefer a more traditional look of reds and greens? Do you like the natural, woody look of greenery interspersed with warm hues of reds and oranges? Or are you wanting to create a statement by using dramatic monotones like gold or silver? Stylists say a single statement colour is enough if you know how to use it, but we say go with what your heart desires – but have a colour plan to avoid getting overwhelmed.

#2 – Choose a statement flower

Choose a statement flower in your centrepieces, wreaths or table decorations, which you can plan other supplementary flowers and accompaniments around. Many people like to choose flowers traditionally used at this time like Christmas Bells, the Christmas Bush or even the Christmas Orchid. However, you might want to go with non-traditional options like Roses, Lilies or even Sunflowers too. Whatever statement flower you choose, make sure it’s available at this time of the year and that it matches your colour theme.

#3 – Fruit works a charm

Adding fruits like berries, oranges, or even apples to your decorations is a great way to bring colour and fun to your Christmas theme. We love citrus fruits like oranges and lemons because they add fabulous colour and give off a fantastic aroma too. Go one step further by sticking cloves into your oranges for a particularly ‘Christmassy’ smell that will have you thinking of mulled wine in no time.

#4 – Don’t forget your fresh herbs

Fresh herbs work like a charm as accompaniments to your wreaths or centrepieces. Choose hardy herbs like Lavender or Rosemary, as they will they last long and also give off a divine herbal fragrance too.

#5 – Don’t discard the leftovers

If you’ve got left over Christmas ribbon, or ornaments that no longer fit on the tree then use them in your floral designs. Leftovers from the garden like pine cones and wood stumps, also make for interesting accompaniments in your designs. Spray painted pine cones can make an incredible statement. Don’t be afraid to play with colour, shapes, heights, textures this Christmas. With a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, you can turn any idea into a Christmas Wonderland. We’ll be hosting a Christmas Wreath Workshop this month, where you’ll learn the ins and out of wreath making and we’ll even put some of the tips we’ve talked about in this blog into practice. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details.

The workshop dates are as below:

Tuesday 28th November 2017 6-8pm Tuesday 5th December 2017 6-8pm Sunday 10th December 2017 10-12pm Tuesday 12th December 2017 6-8pm During the workshop, you will learn how to make a Christmas wreath and beautiful decorative flower bottles. Our Head Florist will guide you through colors, textures, and layers and share her tips, techniques, and secrets on creating a stylish Christmas hand-made floral decorations.