Are you trying frantically to think of a costume idea that is unique and unforgettable this Halloween? Why not choose something magical, and completely ethereal to dress up as this Halloween, and while you’re at it, make a floral crown that will top off your look to perfection.

A floral crown is the perfect accompaniment to any jaw-dropping Halloween costume or outfit, and is simple and fun to make thanks to Best Buds Floral Design.

Choose from an array of Halloween-themed floral crown designs

Our October workshops will be dedicated to creating floral crowns with all things spooky in mind. To give you a taste, here are our top four Halloween costume ideas that can be finished perfectly with a dramatic, divine floral crown:

A Woodland Fairy

Get your creative, nature-loving juices flowing with this look, using layers of greenery, twigs, and in-season autumn-coloured flowers. Accompany your crown with a green, floral dress and vintage leather sandals, and you’ll have the perfect Woodland Fairy look this Halloween.

The Dark Witch

For those that like to walk on the dark side, the dramatic Dark Witch costume idea will be perfect for you. Create a crown of red roses, twigs and (if you’re brave enough) even a few thorns, spray painted black for maximum effect. Accompany your intense crown with smoky, theatrical make-up, layers of black lace and chiffon and voila, your transformation to the dark side will be complete.

An Ice Princess

Always wanted to be a princess? Well, why not choose the Ice Princess look this Halloween. Your floral crown design should encompass layers of white or light pink seasonal flowers, dramatically sprayed-white foliage and even a few plastic icicles to boot. The sky’s the limit with this costume design and a lot of fun can be had with your choice of dress and ice-white make-up as well.

A Flower Child

Evoke your inner hippy with this Halloween costume idea. Think Woodstock and 21st-century boho-chic all wrapped into one. The floral crown for this look calls for layers of in-season bright flowers in a variety of sizes, interspersed beautifully with foliage and leaves as well. Let your true, natural beauty shine with this look, accompanying your crown with natural make-up and a graceful, white cotton dress.

At our Halloween Workshops on the 21st and 28th of October (for both adults and children) we’ll help you design and create your own unique flower crown using a variety of seasonal flowers and foliage.  Contact Best Buds Floral Design today to book your spot at the scariest workshop this year!

We’ll also be hosting workshops in the coming months dedicated to floral crown design ideas for the Melbourne Cup, Christmas Day celebrations, and even your bestie’s Hen Party.  Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details.