Having flowers for your offices not only adds atmosphere but can also make an excellent first impression for visiting clients.

We offer businesses of all sizes corporate flower arrangements in Sydney that leave lasting impressions and make an impact on everyone who sees them.

What Are the Best Flowers for Office Desks?                     

 The truth is that there is no such thing as a “best flower for office desks”, as it depends on a host of factors and can be subjective. Some of the factors that will dictate what flowers will best suit your office space include:

  • Your Business – Certain flowers won’t be suitable for your business simply because of their colours. When we’re tasked with creating corporate flower arrangements, we work to blend colour, texture, and the feel of the environment to create the perfect arrangements for your business.
  • Where You’re Based – Certain flowers thrive in air-conditioned spaces, while others don’t. Additionally, if you’re in a warmer part of Sydney, some flowers will wilt faster and require more maintenance.
  • Budget – This is one of the biggest contributing factors to what flowers we can use for your corporate arrangements. Some flowers are more expensive than others, which plays a role in how much we end up charging. Additionally, how much maintenance flowers need will also need to be budgeted for.


Reach Out to Best Buds 

We’ve been in the business of providing offices with flower arrangements for over ten years now. Our team are dedicated to you and getting your vision perfect in the execution of the arrangements we provide.

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