Flowers in Season by Month

Flowers in Season by Month

Whether you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, a corporate event, party or enjoy having flowers displayed around your home, it’s helpful to know what flowers are in season in Australia. In knowing when certain flowers are available, you won’t be disappointed when you’re looking for a specific bloom, only to find out that it’s not in season.

We hope that in providing you with this list of Australian flowers in season by month that you’ll be able to plan when you order your blooms for whatever it is you need them for. Let’s take a look at some flowers in season by month to help you plan ahead.


With it being the height of summer, there’s a host of flowers in season during the first month of the year. Off the tops of our heads, we can think of over 100 blooms and leaves that are readily available for you during January, with some of the more notable mentions being:

  • Baby’s Breath – Symbolising everlasting love and innocence, these dainty white flowers are incredibly popular for weddings. They also make perfect space fillers in bouquets and dapple any arrangement they’re in with flecks of white like fresh snow.
  • Cordyline Leaves – Popular in flower arrangements for events and around the home, these leaves work well when paired with Proteas. Most often, Cordyline leaves have strokes of colour that have naturally been brushed through each leaf, with these colours either being a soft cream or in some cases, a vibrant red.
  • Gladioli – Part of the iris family, the Gladiolus is available in a host of stunning colours, from deep purples to vibrant reds, soft pinks and creamy yellows. They make for excellent flower arrangements in the house or wedding flowers.
  • King Proteas – South Africa’s national flower is incredibly versatile when it comes to where it can be used in flower arrangements. These large flowers work well in the home and for corporate events and parties, but also in bridal bouquets.


With February marking the beginning of the transition period from summer to autumn, it brings about numerous flowers that will be in season. With the Belladonna Lily and Brunei making an appearance, other blooms and greenery you can look forward to ordering in February include:

  • Crab Claws – With their bold red and bright yellow colour palette and interesting shape, Crab Claws are sure to draw much attention when displayed on your mantlepiece.
  • Tiger Lillies – Available in a variety of colours, the Tiger Lily looks incredible in any setting, from weddings to corporate functions. Commonly, tiger lilies are available in a bright, burned orange, but there are also white variations with highlights of pink, among numerous others.
  • Trailing Ivy – We’ve seen ivy being used incredibly well in bridal bouquets, centrepieces, and more. It’s an incredibly versatile plant and can be draped and hung from bouquets, making for a visually-appealing display of leaves.
  • Strelitzia – Bold and striking are just two of many words that come to mind when describing the beautiful Strelitzia. However, don’t let their bold appearance dissuade you from ordering an arrangement that has Strelitzias as the stars of the show, as they can bring a lot of colour into a room and draw attention from house guests.


As autumn draws closer and the air gets chillier, there are more flowers in season during this time of year than you might think. Some shining examples of what’s available to you are:

  • Calla Lilies – With their timeless appearance, Calla Lilies in all their various colours have been used in flower arrangements across the globe for generations. So, if you’re looking to have these flowers at your wedding, March is one of the best times of year to order them.
  • Dahlias – Available in every colour across the spectrum, incorporating dahlias into any flower arrangement is both eye-catching and incredibly beautiful, and when paired with the right blend of flowers and greenery, the result is truly magical.
  • Gerberas – With a vast colour pallet, Gerberas are incredibly popular for home use and corporate functions, their large, bright flowers can add vibrant pops of colour to any room or event space.
  • Magnolias – These are best used as accent flowers in a floral arrangement and add balance to bouquets and centrepieces with their milky white petals.

April, May, and June

Throughout the middle of autumn and towards the end of it, there are numerous flowers in season that can serve a variety of purposes. Chillies, for example, can make for an exciting addition to your bridal bouquet, while Anthurium leaves, with their large, heart-shaped appearance can fill space in centrepieces to great effect. Other seasonal flowers and greenery you can order between April and June include:

  • Arum Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Ming Ferns
  • Sea Holly
  • Thryptomene
  • Vanda Orchids
  • Cymbidium Orchids (both imported and local varieties)
  • Dusty Miller Leaves
  • Forget Me Not
  • Assorted Roses


One would think that because July marks the middle of winter that we’d see fewer flowers in season during this time of the year. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, because some examples of gorgeous blooms available in July are:

  • Dryandra
  • Eriostemon
  • Jonquil
  • Rhododendron


August marks the end of winter and, as you can imagine, the start of what’s arguably the best season for flowers in the country. Some of the blooms and greenery you can order in August are:

  • Singapore Orchids – This variation of Orchid offers a variety of colours not seen in other kinds of orchids. Additionally, the petals are shaped differently, making for an interesting contrast in the bouquets and arrangements they’re used in.
  • Yellow Bells – If bright buttery yellow, bell-shaped flowers are right up your alley, then yellow bells are a flower you should consider speaking to your florist about sourcing. Their brilliant colour scheme is sure to put a smile on the faces of your house guests and event attendees alike.
  • Xanadu Leaves – To add some greenery into the mix along with a tropical aesthetic, consider flower arrangements that incorporate large Xanadu leaves. Not only will they add a variation in texture to your floral arrangements, but they also make for great space fillers due to the size of their leaves, if you’re looking to save on costs.


As the spring starts to rear its beautiful head, nature kicks flower production into high gear and produces virtually hundreds of flowers for you to choose from. Some of our favourite flowers you’ll find in season during September include:

  • Dancing Lady
  • Corn Flower
  • Aster
  • Anemone

October, November, and December

As we in the Southern Hemisphere say goodbye to spring, and the year starts to draw to a close, you’ll see a host of in season flowers begin to become available on the market. From sweet-smelling Jasmine to the ever-interesting Beehive Ginger, there’s no shortage of blooms and greenery available to you for the home, an event, or your wedding.

Some other examples of flowers available during the last three months of the year include:

  • Lilac
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Emu Grass
  • Bamboo
  • Bouvardia
  • Heliconia
  • Kangaroo Paw
  • Gloriosa
  • Stirlingia
  • Gardenia

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