What Occasions Can Pastel Flower Bouquets Be Used For?

 At Best Buds, we believe that there’s a flower for every occasion. The same is true for pastel-coloured flowers, as they can fit any theme effortlessly. For example, some of the occasions you can think of having pastel bouquets and flower arrangements for include: 

  • Weddings – For brides and grooms that are fond of pastel colours, these flower arrangements lend themselves incredibly well to weddings. They can be used in bouquets, centrepieces, and any flower arrangement to turn your wedding into a pretty pastel fantasy.
  • Anniversaries – Pastel flowers make for an excellent anniversary surprise and are sure to brighten up your spouse’s day with their whimsical colours. Pastel flowers also come in all shapes and sizes, lending themselves well to small and large bouquets.
  • Get-Well-Soon Gifts – Brighten someone’s day when they’re feeling low with bright pops of colour in a pastel bouquet. No one can deny the beauty of soft-coloured flowers, and they’re sure to feel a little better after receiving such a gift. 

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As florists who’ve been in the industry for over ten years now, the specialists at Best Buds have seen their fair share of trends coming onto the scene. One example of a trend we’ve seen gain popularity recently is the pastel bouquet.

Let us guide you through what flowers we can use to make the perfect pastel bouquet for you and any special occasion you have coming up.

What Flowers Can Be Used in a Pastel Bouquet?

 There are many flowers that fit into the pastel category that can be used to create gorgeous flower bouquets for any occasion. Some ideas of what our team can do for you to create the prettiest pastel flower arrangements include: 

  • Using Soft-Coloured Blooms – Of course, the flowers used in a bouquet are the most important element. And, thankfully, there’s no shortage of pastel blooms out there to use in our bouquets and arrangements. Some examples of what we can use include crème roses, pink carnations, purple sinuate statice, and lavender alstroemeria. 
  • Balancing it Out with Green – Many don’t realise that certain shades of green also count as pastel colours. This can be especially helpful to those looking for beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements on a budget. Many leaves and other pieces of greenery are more cost-effective than flowers and using them to your advantage can save you money. 
  • Adding Variation & Interest – While bouquets and arrangements that consist only of large blooms have their place, adding smaller and different styles of flowers in between the larger ones can make an impact. Consider using a combination of flowers on stalks and variations like miniature pink carnations to add to your bouquet.