Office Floral Arrangements

Office Floral Arrangements

Flowers are just as important in an office environment as they are for weddings and other events. Think of it this way; your reception area is the first thing anyone sees when they visit your business for the first time, whether it be for a business meeting or a job interview. And, having flower arrangements in your reception area can go a long way when it comes to making an excellent first impression. It’s for this reason that Best Buds offers you office floral arrangements that will add to the ambience of your working environment.

What Goes into Top-Notch Office Floral Arrangements?

Much like with wedding flowers or those for corporate events, there’s a lot that goes into planning and designing flowers for your office. That’s why our dedicated team of corporate florists excel at customising your arrangements, so they’re tailored to your business and its needs. Whether you’re looking for something soothing but eye-catching or a dramatic display of colours, our team will happily assist you. Moreover, they’ll also change them out weekly or fortnightly according to your preferences.

Aside from gaining an understanding of you, your business, and office environment, our florists will look into the following when designing your corporate flower arrangements:

* Suitability – Not all flowers are suitable for every environment, this much is true. And that’s why we make sure to blend colour, texture, and the feel of the environment when we undertake the flowers for your office. We’ll be able to create arrangements that reflect your brand colours, tie into your existing décor, and more.

* Location – Your environment will dictate where the best place for your flower arrangements to be situated. For example, not all flowers thrive in an air-conditioned environment. Our team will be able to advise you on which flowers will be best suited for your office space.

* Timing – Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, this rings true for flowers as well. They wilt, lose their appeal, and droop as they reach the end of their lifespan. This is why we also offer maintenance of your flower arrangements so that your office always looks its best.

What Environments Do We Service?

When it comes down to corporate floral arrangements, we’re specialists in providing them to the following environments and spaces:

* Foyers

* Hotel and Business Reception Areas

* Shop Windows

* Bars and Restaurants

* Events and Conferences

We’re the Specialists

Best Buds can accommodate businesses of all sizes and types, regardless of the setting, situation, or budget. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver stunning office floral arrangements that not only garner attention and make a good impression but meet your budget requirements too. Additionally, to save you the hassle, we also provide vases and full service for your flowers, which includes maintenance.

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