Corporate Office Flowers

Lasting impressions

Are flowers really that important in a business context? The answer is yes. In over a decade of working in the industry, we’ve seen the positive impact they have made for businesses and brands alike. Your customers and employees will feel happier and more welcome when they are greeted with flowers. An impactful corporate floral arrangement will differentiate you from competitors and will add style and character to your business. Even first time visitors will be impressed with the care and effort made by your business to create a comfortable and professional environment.

Flower arrangements tailored for your offices

A dedicated Best Buds corporate florist will customise your arrangements and will change them weekly or fortnightly, depending on your preference. We will make sure the arrangements are different each time, keeping your business atmosphere fresh and as innovative as the services you offer your clientele.

Our talented floral designers will theme your arrangements to suit your preferred style, whether that is a soothing, soft display of seasonal blooms or a dramatic and impactful tropical arrangement.

What makes quality corporate flower arrangements?

• Suitability
Just like any outfit, it is one thing to be pleasing to the eye but an entirely different thing to be suitable. Corporate flower arrangements must manage to blend colour, texture and feel with the environment they are being used in. The needs and impacts of corporate flower designs will vary from office reception, hotel lobby, shop window to restaurants and bars. Make sure you are putting the image of your brand and business in the capable hands of experts.

• Timing is everything
Flowers wilt; losing their lustre, fading and drooping. It is absolutely vital that your florist can provide you with not only an array of corporate flower arrangement ideas but deliver on time when footfall into your premise is at its peak. This means that Monday morning before you open your doors to the public, your offices should be decorated with fresh and captivating corporate flower arrangements.

• Maintenance
A combination of nutrients, water and adequate lighting will help prolong the lifespan of your floral friends. What’s more, hygiene should also be considered with any vases being cleaned and thoroughly rinsed. Lastly, cutting the stems by about 2cm, each time you water the flowers will delay wilting and help feed through the necessary nutrients to keep them alive a little longer.

• Location, location, location
This not only applies to suitability but equally, the natural environment that helps longevity. For example, while you may enjoy air conditioning, some flowers do not. Ultimately, this will mean your need for a new corporate flower arrangement is more frequent and unnecessarily expensive as a consequence.
Whether you need advice on corporate flower arrangement ideas or a selection of flower designs, we have the experience and quality you’re looking for. We take great pride in helping build the best possible impression for your brand and business.

Corporate flowers are our speciality

We specialise in the business environments:

  • Corporate foyers
  • Hotel reception areas
  • Shop window displays
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Special events and conferences

Budget friendly and affordable

Regardless of the setting or situation, we have a solution to meet your budget, so don’t hesitate to drop us an email or call us for a free, no-obligation visit and quote. Our weekly and fortnightly corporate packages are very reasonable in price. Furthermore, we can provide vases and full service for your flowers so you can enjoy hassle-free quality. The only thing left for you to do will be accepting the flood of compliments coming from your customers.

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