Summer Wedding Flowers

There aren’t many things a bride or groom craves more than a beautiful summer wedding. There’s a reason why it’s the busiest season for weddings, as the weather is often perfect. However, with planning a perfect wedding comes the coordination everything from invitations to dresses, cakes, and more.

Another thing to consider when planning your wedding in summer is the kinds of flowers that you’ll have available to you. And, with a host of summer wedding flowers to choose from for your special day, you really are spoiled for choice!

Having that much choice can cause some stress surrounding your bridal flower arrangements. Don’t worry too much though, because Best Buds is here to help you make the best flower choices for your wedding day.

Choosing Your Summer Wedding Flowers

Regardless of whether you’re having your nuptials on a beach, in a church, or a lush field, there are numerous flowers for summer wedding bouquets and arrangements that you can choose from that will make your wedding day even more memorable.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding reception arrangements, bridal bouquet, and bridesmaids flowers. Aside from your budget, you’ll need to think about what seasonal blooms will tie in with your wedding colours, what style of bouquet you’re looking for, and, of course, what your top choices in flowers are.

Below are some of the most beautiful seasonal flowers for your wedding that you can consider:

  • Main Event Blooms – Of the numerous options available to you for your floral wedding arrangements, some of the most beautiful and enticing are the ever-stunning Freesia, the brightly-coloured Poppy, the timeless Oncidium Orchid, the understated Snapdragon, or the classic Calla Lily. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of your options, but these blooms are all sure to make a statement on your special day.
  • Filler Stems – Not all wedding flower arrangements can comprise an explosion of colour and large blooms; you need something to fill in the gaps and add a little balance to a bouquet. Take for example the Statice Sinuata, Gypsophila, or Limonium, all of which are excellent filler stems for centrepieces or bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. Another aspect you’ll need to consider when it comes to summer wedding flowers is the timing of everything. There’s a lot that goes into planning your special day, and this is no different when it comes to flower arrangements for your wedding. We would recommend ordering your flowers in advance to ensure availability, but also to take one more thing off your plate while you’re in the throes of planning.

We’ll Make it Perfect

If you’re looking for summer wedding flowers that meet your wish list and are sure to knock the socks off of your guests, consider enlisting Best Buds services. Our senior team of florists will handle your flower arrangements with care and will help you make the best decision on everything from your bridal bouquet to centrepieces, and more.

To find out more about our bridal flower arrangements and other services, please feel free to give us a call.