Contemporary flower arrangement – how to?

Contemporary flower arrangement

The feeling that a flower arrangement can convey is often one that cannot be put into words. The beauty and peace that comes with a well-created arrangement can put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest of hearts. However, people often shy away from creating their own, modern arrangements because they often don’t know how to, or even where to begin.

At Best Buds Floral Design, we often get asked how to go about creating a contemporary flower arrangement. First thing’s first, it starts with a willingness to let your creativity flow and not to be afraid of failing a few times before getting it right. Here are a few other pointers that will help you on your flower arranging adventures.

Decide on a design

Like any creative process, having an idea of what you’re wanting to create or what the end-product will look like, is key. Are you wanting to create a small, natural arrangement for your home using succulents and natural stone to complement your personal style? Or are you wanting to use flowers from your garden and put them into a wild posy of complementary colours? Are you trying to perfect a more structured arrangement of roses or tulips for an event or statement piece?

Make sure you have the key ingredients

Now that you know what you want to create (well, you’ve got an idea at least) it’s important, as with any good recipe, to make sure you have the essential ingredients ready first. In order to create most contemporary arrangements, you are going to need one or all of the following essentials:

* A vase – you can choose to use a traditional glass vase or wicker basket. Or perhaps you want to use a rustic watering can or metal pale? For a smaller arrangement consider a beer glass or even a coffee mug

* Scissors or pliers

* Copper wire and florists tape (or any kind of tape will do)

* The flowers, leaves and accessories that came from your design plan

Where is the best place to start?

The best way to begin a contemporary flower arrangement is to, well, start! Throw caution to the wind and let your instincts guide you. Our best advice is to think if it as a painting, in which you start at one central point and work out from there. Choose one flower as your centrepiece and build layer upon layer of complimentary flowers or leaves out around it from there. Some people find it easier to hold the flowers with tape with each layer they add, to avoid the bouquet or arrangement falling out of place. This tape can be hidden by a leaf wrapped around the stalks or accessories like stones etc afterwards, or can simply be removed at the end.

Get creative

When adding quirky or unusual accessories or additions to your arrangement a modern and contemporary flair can be created. Consider using lemons in the vase as the base of your arrangement, or placing apples on skewers within the arrangement. Fairy lights or small solar lights can also bring a festive touch to an arrangement too. Don’t be shy, and allow yourself to get as creative as you want to get when choosing the perfect accessories.

For more ideas, advice or even workshops on creating the best contemporary arrangements, contact Best Buds Floral Design today. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more contemporary design ideas too.